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Bernie Sanders

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Virginia Beach for Bernie 2016 - Yes! We Are Organizing! (Volunteer meeting to get organized or learn more)

We had a great meeting last week!


Come and join us on Thursday night for dinner, and our next meeting as we organize Bernie's Virginia Beach campaign! 


New people are Welcome!


Our goal is to deliver Virginia Beach to Bernie 2016 in the Democratic Primary on March 1st and then in the General Election on November 1st - and to have fun doing it!



The agenda for this meeting includes the necessary training to collect the necessary signatures to get Bernie on the ballot for the Democratic Primary. 


And, so you know, our campaign for Virginia Beach for Bernie 2016 is looking for volunteers with specific skills, and for volunteers who will enjoy participating in specific campaign-related activities.


The skills needed include organizing/leadership, fund raising, marketing, computer, social media, copy writing, graphic arts, photography, video production and editing.


The campaign-related activities include voter registration, signatures gathering for the primary ballot, recruiting volunteers, community networking and outreach, debate watch parties, phone calling, neighborhood door-to-door, and canvassing in public locations like shopping centers, farmers markets, malls, etc.


Let’s get going! And let’s have fun!!!

Host: Elizabeth Balcar
SCRAMBLED VB - a great restaurant! (Virginia Beach, VA)
910 Atlantic Ave (between 9th and 10th)
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Directions: Park in garage between 8th & 9th. From 9th Street, walk 1/2 block north on Atlantic Ave. Scrambled VB will be on the left.
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