Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Saunders for President organizing meeting--Josephine County, Oregon (July 29 Organizing Meeting)

This event will be a meet up for Bernie supporters (in Riverside Park, Grants Pass) to form a local network to plan community events, future meetups. Following Bernie's podcast a facillitated general discussion and brainstorming on how we can cut through the corporate controled media messages of fear and new speak. The hope is affinity groups from neighborhoods and rural communities will coalese producing a unifying voice to Southern Oregon's grassroots care for the Earth and valueing of diversity.

Host: John Scharff
Riverside Park (Grants Pass, OR)
304 E Park St, Grants Pass, OR
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Directions: North Grants Pass exit, aprox. 1.3 miles on left. South GP exit follow signs to city center and park

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