Bernie Sanders | Event | Road Trip to New Hampshire! Help Bernie Win Big Early! Sat Feb 6 - Tues Feb 9

Bernie Sanders

The Details

Road Trip to New Hampshire! Help Bernie Win Big Early! Sat Feb 6 - Tues Feb 9 (Carpool to a primary state)

New Hampsire is a critical primary state because it votes first, and will set the discourse for the rest of the primary season. Connecticut's proximity to New Hampshire gives us a unique opportunity to help Bernie in the most effective way possible - by meeting actual primary voters in New Hampshire.   The New Hampshire Primary is on Tuesday Feb 9th, and the Bernie campaign can use as many boots on the ground as possible to get the vote out! So let's carpool there together and spend some time introducing the undecided voters of New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders, and what he means to us and the future of our country.  Sleeping accommodations will be made for all volunteers joining us! Additional people who are willing to drive are welcome, however being a driver is not necessary to attend this event. Participating in all four days of canvassing in New Hampshire is not required. Please RSVP if you are interested in volunteering during any of these dates, so we can coordinate various volunteer schedules. If you're interested in joining, please RSVP to this event, and we will contact you with more information!

We'll provide you with a script, a list of voters that you'll be talking to, and a map of where to go. We'll also train you to use your time effectively out in the field. You'll be able to talk to real people about how this country belongs to all of us, and not just the billionaire class. We are stronger together and we will win New Hampshire and all of New England by coming together.

Host: Nina Sherwood
Contact Phone: (203) 554-1485
Stamford Park and Ride (Stamford, CT)
Route 15 Merritt Parkway Exit 35 - Route 137 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905