Bernie Sanders | Event | Latinos For Bernie: Happy-Hour & Organizing Meeting (Canal Bar, 11215)

Bernie Sanders

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Latinos For Bernie: Happy-Hour & Organizing Meeting (Canal Bar, 11215) (Volunteer meeting to get organized or learn more)

Amigos y amigas:


La representación en español que tiene Bernie Sanders es escasa, y sobre todo, importa registrar nuevos votantes para las primarias demócratas.


Charlaremos sobre nuestras impresiones de Bernie, nuestras experiencias individuales, y   sobre como hacer campaña a pie de calle. ¡Estarás entre amigos, cervezas, y para completarlo, al aire libre!


Si tienes oportunidad, por favor, pásate por Canal Bar este jueves a las 7pm, e invita a amigos/conocidos hispanos e hispanoparlantes. ¡Nos vemos!


Víctor 646.309.8249


PD: Canal Bar is at 270 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (btw President Street & Union Street). Best subways are the Union St "R" and the Carroll St "F" &"G"





Bernie Sanders has scant representation in Spanish, and, above all else, it matters that new voters are registered for the democratic primaries.


We will talk about our impressions of Bernie, about our individual experiences, and about how to canvass on the street. You'll be amongst friends, beers, and yes, outdoors!


If you have the chance, please, swing by Canal bar this Thursday at 7pm and invite Hispanic and Spanish-speaking friends/acquaintances. See you there!


Victor 646.309.8249



Host: Victor Ortega
Contact Phone: 6463098249
Canal Bar (outdoor patio!) (Brooklyn, NY)
270 3rd Ave
(btw President Street & Union Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Directions: Best subways are the Union St "R" and the Carroll St "F" &"G"
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