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Canvass Going door to door talking to our neighbors is how we're going to win this primary and this election. Post a canvass event to empower supporters in your area to have these powerful conversations! After you post your event, a local Bernie field staffer will contact you to get you started. Important note: you must be located in a state with an active field campaign for your event to be approved. If you're in a state without an active field campaign, please host a phonebank, or a carpool to an early state! We strongly discourage people from canvassing on their own in late primary states.
Caucus to elect Bernie Delegates At the Ohio Democratic Party caucuses on January 5 we will elect delegates for Bernie. This is the first step in selecting delegates for Bernie to the Democratic National Convention.
Flyering and Tabling Distribute flyers and information about Bernie Sanders for President at a local event.
Get Out the Vote Get Out the Vote
Jan. 23rd Nationwide Bernie Address

Bernie will address supporters in a special nationwide livestream one week before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus. Start your event at 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 Pacific. The live feed will begin at 6:00 Eastern / 3 Pacific. Bernie will give supporters an update on where we are in this campaign, and you'll hear about the most important way you can help Bernie win this primary and this election. You will receive a link to the livestream page after you create your event.

Making Phone Calls Host a gathering to call voters about supporting Bernie Sanders for President.
Phonebank event Hosting a phonebank is one of the most important things you can do to help elect Bernie. When you host a phonebank, you'll call voters in states with upcoming primaries or caucuses. Hosting a phonebank is also easy! Check our list of state-by-state shifts here and choose a time that works for you: After you create your event, we'll email you with everything you need to get started, and tools you can use to recruit other local volunteers to attend your event. If you need any help during your event, you can get live support from a trained volunteer at using the live chat function.
Policy Address Bernie Sanders event for policy speech
Registering Voters Conduct a targeted voter registration drive to help register new voters to nominate and elect Bernie Sanders. We recommend choosing a local campus, to reach many new voters who support Bernie!
Volunteer activity or meetings Bernie supporters in the later primary and caucus states are self-organizing into groups to help win their states for Bernie. If there are no official Bernie offices or staff in your area yet, post your events or meetings here, and we'll send some new people your way from our site.
Volunteer meeting to get organized or learn more Local volunteers and groups getting together to plan volunteering activities, events and more. Also informational sessions for new volunteers or people who want to learn more about Bernie.